Philosophy: Three Legs

In healthcare, as in other fields, it is helpful to orient programs and services around an integrated and cohesive framework of values and principles. The Mental Health and Recovery Board of Ashland County has adopted a framework by which programs are prioritized, developed, funded and evaluated. This framework, referred to as the Three Legs of the Stool, is comprised of three distinct but related sets of principles and values: Recovery, Trauma-Informed Care and Medication Optimization.

Together, these three sets of values provide an integrated and evidence-based framework upon which we can build a recovery-oriented system of care. The Mental Health and Recovery Board of Ashland County and our community are not satisfied with the status quo of community mental health care and seek opportunities to influence policy and practice to better align with the Three-Legs philosophy.

This document describes the Three-Legs philosophy and related resources. Download here.

Informational resources that support and inform the main tenets of the Three-Legs philosophy are available on this site. Follow the links below to read more:


Trauma Informed

Medication Optimization

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