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Dealing with the Effects of Trauma

Dealing with the Effects of Trauma

Each day can be an emotional challenge when you are working on recovering from trauma. It’s important to help yourself feel better using positive techniques, rather than doing things that can have negative consequences for you such as drinking, committing crimes, or hurting yourself. Here are a few positive ideas to help yourself feel better in the moment:

Do something fun or creative.

Some ideas: crafts, drawing, crossword or jigsaw puzzles, reading fiction, playing a game, or going to a movie or other community event.


Exercise is known to release chemicals into your body that help you feel better. Plus, it will improve your overall health and stamina.

Write something.

Journaling about traumatic events can help you feel better by getting your thoughts outside of your head and onto paper. Keep your writing in a safe, private place, and don’t worry about how well you write -- this is just for you!

And a few more ideas: listen to music or make music, take a warm bath, play with a pet, wear something that makes you feel good, or cross some small tasks off your to-do list. Also, make a list for yourself of things that help you feel better, that you can reference at times when you are feeling low.

Sometimes trauma is something too big and overwhelming to manage on your own. That's okay! There are many resources in our community to help you cope with traumatic events in your past or present. Browse our list of community agencies or contact us for help finding the support you need.

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