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Helping Ashland Seniors to Stay Safe

Helping Ashland Seniors to Stay Safe
November 19, 2020

Creating Hope

As each season changes, we realize it. .. the world is a very different place than it was six months ago. If we are honest with ourselves, we all, in small ways miss and even mourn the way things "used to be". This is very real for the seniors in Ashland County. Many live alone and rely on events in the community to make their needed meaningful connections with friends, families, neighbors, and in some cases ... just the world outside their own homes. The COVID pandemic has put a screeching halt to those connections...and many times to the detriment of those who need them the most. There are many seniors who cannot or should not leave their homes at this time and become lonely and isolated ... yet still need ways to be involved in their communities ... hence the creation of the Staying Safe Boxes program.

Providing Help

Catholic Charities, in cooperation with the Mental Health and Recovery Board and a myriad of local organizations has been working toward meaningful ways to reach out to some of the most isolated in Ashland County ... by encouraging them to stay home, while receiving some things they need and some things that will make them smile.

The Staying Safe Boxes are literally just that. .. cardboard boxes that were loaded with supplies from hand sanitizer to adult coloring books to needed masks for an initial 100 Ashland County seniors to use while they are at home. Round one of the boxes was delivered in September and according to notes, letters, and calls received, they have been greatly appreciated by those who received them. The interest in the Staying Safe Boxes has been so great, that a second round of boxes is already in the works and will be delivered in December.

Watch a news story about the project that was broadcast on FOX8 news.


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