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Attention Veterans!

June 08, 2020
Attention Venterans! Come to the "Landing Zone"
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Increasing Health Literacy Among Older Adults: Why It Matters

May 11, 2020 Diana Spore Diana Spore
Prior to the pandemic, we were beginning to prioritize the need for shared-decision making between older care-recipients and care-providers, to empower patients to make well-informed choices. As we attempt to keep everyone informed about the coronavirus public health crisis, it has become even more important to assess and increase health literacy among older adults.
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Local writers sending cards to every patient in state psychiatric hospitals

For the hundreds of Ohioans in state psychiatric hospitals, recovery is challenging under normal circumstances. But patients haven’t been allowed visitors for weeks due to the coronavirus outbreak. That’s why local writers are teaming up with the Adult Advocacy Centers, a statewide nonprofit, to send handwritten cards to every patient in the six state psychiatric hospitals.
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Blurring the Line Between "Us" and "Them"

April 16, 2020 Diana Spore Diana Spore
During the coronavirus public health crisis, many of us have come to understand that we do not walk alone. While retaining individuality, we are stronger by acting as one, following guidelines for protecting ourselves and those around us. Heroes and heroines have arisen, some who are “hidden,” but all are alike in wanting to make a difference. In short, overall, during this fight, individuals are more alike than different. Read this blog written by Diana Spore, PhD, MGS, who is an advocate for individuals facing mental health challenges and those living with dementia. She is also a writer/editor and a mental health consumer in recovery. Spore received her PhD in Human Development and Family Studies, with a concentration in aging, from Penn State. Currently, she is a consultant at the Mental Health and Recovery Board of Ashland County, Ohio.
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Make Ashland Count - Complete Your 2020 Census Today!

April 16, 2020
Responses to the 2020 Census will influence funding in Ashland County for services that will help every generation - from newborn babies to the oldest among us. Count everyone in your home today to benefit you, your children, and future generations.
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National Child Abuse Prevention Month

April 16, 2020
April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Gain insight on how to keep your mental health strong during COVID-19. Discover facts and resources to arm yourself and your family with during this pandemic.
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Managing coronavirus-related stress

April 09, 2020
If you're experiencing stress - call our local Support Line today.
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The Impact of Being ACEs Informed in Ashland County

March 31, 2020
Being informed about the Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACE, study can drastically improve the community and the relationships of the people who live there.
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On Helping and Being Helped

March 27, 2020 Dr. James H. Mooney, M.D. Dr. James H. Mooney, M.D.
“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” -Viktor Frankl
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A Resource Guide for Ohioans with Disabilities: How to Stay Healthy and Safe During the Coronavirus Crisis

March 26, 2020 Diana Spore Diana Spore
The current public health crisis associated with the coronavirus has affected all of our lives and challenged us to think about what truly matters. Seniors with disabilities are particularly at risk of becoming ill after exposure.
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A Resilience Mindset Keeps Us Well

March 26, 2020
Resilience helps us all to overcome obstacles like COVID-19
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