Youth Crisis Response Team

Ashland County Youth Crisis Response Team

Mission Statement
The purpose of the Ashland County Crisis Response Team is to provide a valuable community service geared toward immediate intervention for all students, faculty, and staff of Ashland County Schools and surrounding areas involved in a traumatic situation.


  • Upon request, provide trained personnel for on-site intervention in the event of a crisis.
  • Assist school districts with writing and updating local crisis response programs.
  • Provide in-service training to faculty and staff in the areas of crisis response and post-traumatic stress debriefing.

To activate the Youth Crisis Response Team contact the Appleseed Community Mental Health Center's 24 hour crisis hotline: 419-289-6111 or 888-400-8500.

For non-emergency questions call the Mental Health & Recovery Board at (419) 281-3139.

Please check out the Activation Protocols for detail information regarding activating the Youth Crisis Response Team.

Please also check out the "Myth & Facts" fact page about working with the Youth Crisis Response Team.

For forms and other resources when dealing with a crisis please download the Ashland County Youth Crisis Response Team Packet. These resources are particularly intended for schools or other large community organizations.

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