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Families, Youth, and Children

We are dedicated to helping you build a stronger community by partnering with people who understand the needs of our local families. Many resources for families and children are available through the Family and Children First Council. 

Visit the Ashland County Resource Page or contact Brenda Bub, FCFC Coordinator, at 419.282.0000 ext. 5015 or by email:  for more information about how to help your organization, clients, and community.

Ashland County Resource PageFind an Ashland County Community AgencySummer Programs in Ashland County

The Resilience Project

Resilience is the ability to call upon inner resources to cope with stress in a healthy way and  “bounce back” to go on with life. If you work with children and youth who have had difficult life experiences, you can help them rebuild resilience with tools designed to promote a better sense of well-being. Our Brainy Resilience Tools help children and youth learn about handling emotions with healthy responses while feeling self-confident and capable. They were developed using information from diverse fields of knowledge such as neuroscience and understanding of the trauma exposed brain, child development and learning, as well as occupational therapy and mental and physical health. 

IMPORTANT:  These tools are NOT a substitute for professional mental health services for treating trauma. Ask the counselor how they can be used to supplement professional intervention.



Tools for Calming Emotions 

These tools can be combined into kits to provide for caregivers, children, and youth.  The following can also be added: fidgets, squeeze balls, drawing and art materials, open-ended journals,  and children’s literature on emotions and handling difficult topics.  Permission is granted to download all tools, however, all reprints must contain the author, source, and copyright information.

Tools For Youth

Wipe Away the Feelings - An easy way to illustrate feelings and work through them.  Wipe Away The Feelings
Assembly Instructions
Calming Tip Keychain – A diverse way to reach a state of calm. 

Youth Calming Cards - Assembly Instructions

Youth Calming Cards - Solution card to managing high emotions. 

Youth Calming Cards

Tools For Elementary

Below are exercises that adult caregivers can administer to help children get control of their feelings on their own.   
Calming Toolkit (Preschool to Elementary)
My Calming Toolkit Brochure

Calming Toolkit Instructions

 Calming Cube GameCalming Cube Game Instructions

Calming Cube Assembly

Feelings Wheel - Used for younger children to decide their current feelings. 

Feelings Wheel

Tools for Adults/Caregivers

Caregiver Guide 
Learn how resilience works with simple brain functioning and self-care tips for adults.

Download Ashland Brainy Resilience Project Took Kit Care Givers Guide

Triple P Flyer

Triple P Mealtime

Beach Ball Focus Fun

Teaches participants how to handle emotions, focus attention, and have rhythmic motor activity to begin calming.    

Download Beach Ball Focus Fun Guide

Wipe Out Feelings
These help adults use a step-by-step approach to teach children what to do when feelings arise and how to resolve conflicts with others. Wipe Out Feelings Form

Wipe out Feelings Self-Regulation Instructions

Resilient Conversation Cards
These cards are used for talking with children in meaningful ways about difficult topics. 

Download Resilient Conversation Cards
Core Concepts for Building Resilient Children
Resilience Booster: Tips for Parents

strength keeper, ashland mhrb

Strength Keeper

Teaches positive self-image, self-confidence, and self-efficacy

Strength Keeper Assembly Instructions

care for body mats, ashland mhrb

I Care for My Body Mats

Teaches healthy body care choice for nutrition, exercise, and sleep.  

Preschool - Messy Art Mat

Youth - My Plan for a Healthy Body

Adults - Talking Tips


ashland brainy resilience game, ashland mhrbAshland Brainy Resilience Game

Teaches empathy, social decision-making, and self-direction. A board game where players draw a card and respond to social situations. Download all the pieces below.

Game instructions

Brainy Resilience Game Board

Game cards (Preschool-Grade 3)

Game cards (Grades 4-8)

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