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Senior Living Information and Articles

Leaving a Legacy.  

Since July 2018, a series of “leaving a legacy” articles have been published in the quarterly issue of Senior Living, Ashland Times-Gazette.   Ashland County seniors who are interviewed and profiled have unique stories and legacies, and are not necessarily well-known in the community.

  • Do you know a senior who is a “hidden hero,” who contributes to our community, and makes a difference? Do you know a senior who has built a strong legacy, not limited to planned distribution of financial assets?    Do you know an older adult who might be interested in being interviewed and written about?

Find out how you can nominate a "hidden hero" HERE.



October, 2020; Within the COVID-19 Pandemic Storm: Whirling Delirium Epidemic

October, 2020; Peer Support as an anchor in mental health care in the ‘new normal’

July, 2020; Increasing Health Literacy Among Older Adults: Why It Matters

January 21, 2020; Leaving a Legacy - Ana Maria Rivera: Teacher, Volunteer, Free Spirit

January 21, 2020; Making the Most of Aging by Taking "Reaches" Steps


October 15, 2019; Leaving a Legacy - John Stoops: Leader and Visionary

October 15, 2019; Trauma-informed care benefits seniors

July 16, 2019; Prescription Opioid Use Among Seniors

April 16, 2019; Leaving a Legacy - Dave Bell: Wellness advocate, dedicated employee, good guy

January 15, 2019; Leaving a Legacy - Jack Cadley: Veteran, hero, humanitarian

January 15, 2019; When relocation or moving is necessary


 October 16, 2018; Leaving a Legacy - Rebecca Humrichouser: Advocate, volunteer, traveler

October 16, 2018; Creative expressions and seniors - live in the moment 

July 17, 2018; What we have learned from the ACE study: What it means for seniors

July 17, 2018; Leaving a Legacy - A Dedicated Social Worker: EVA BEARD

April 17, 2018: Preventing social isolation, decreasing loneliness and staying connected

January 16, 2018: Spirit, Benefits and Impact of the MGM Program


October 10, 2017: There is a high risk of suicide among older adults

May 30, 2017:  MHRB invites seniors to Five Wishes and Leaving a Legacy event

April 18, 2017:  Local caregivers learn the benefits of journaling at a workshop Monday

April 18, 2017:  Promoting mental health and well-being: seven tips for seniors


October 11, 2016: Older Adult Behavioral Health Coalition celebrating 10 years

July 19, 2016:  Psychotropic drug use among seniors: What you need to know

June 29, 2016: Respect is the Cornerstone to Preventing Elder Abuse

April 19, 1016:  Caution: Empowerment zone ahead & Pathways to awareness and prevention of elder abuse

April 19, 2016:  Pathways to awareness and prevention of elder abuse

January 19, 2016:  Deciding when your loved one is not safe to live alone & The intersection between mental illness among elderly care-recipients and elder abuse


October 13, 2015:  The intersection between dementia, care giving and elder abuse


January 17, 2017:  Making the most of visits with primary physicians by Diana Spore

The following resource includes useful videos on "making a list," "remembering what you and your doctor discussed," "what to ask your doctor," and "what to share with your doctor."  Includes links to documents and forms. Click here

Useful resources that include documents about talking with your doctor, related issues, health check tools, patient handouts. Click here

 How to talk to your healthcare provider: Tips on improving communication

Family Caregiver Guide to Doctor Visits

Talking with your older patient:  A clinician's handbook (National Institute on Aging, 2008; reprinted 2011) here


Legacy writing is an expression of love and a glimpse into your soul, Diana Spore and Kailey Bradley-Thomas, July 18, 2017  here


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