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An overview of family systems treatment and the I-FAST theory

Date:                     Monday, April 8th 2019

Time:                     9:30am to 11:30am

Location:             Appleseed Community Mental Health Center, 2233 Rocky Lane, Ashland, OH                           

Speaker:              David Grove

Mr. Grove is a Licensed Independent Social Worker, Supervisor designation and a Licensed Independent Marriage and Family therapist in the State of Ohio.  In addition to his licenses, Mr. Grove is also a Supervisory member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. Since 2000, Mr. Grove has been a principal developer and trainer of Integrated Family and Systems Treatment.  Mr. Grove participated in both the development of the treatment model and in the dissemination of the model in the United States and in Hong Kong.  As a principal trainer of I-FAST, Mr. Grove has trained seven different mental health and social service agencies in the U.S. and Hong Kong.

Since 1997, Mr. Grove has been a part time and full-time instructor for The College of Social Work at The Ohio State University.  He has taught courses on Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Crisis Intervention, In-Home Treatment, and Psychopathology to graduate students in the Masters of Social Work program. Mr. Grove has also published numerous articles and books in the field of mental health and family therapy.  He has published two books, “Invisible Men’ and “Conversations On Therapy” co-authored with Jay Haley, one of the founders of the field of family therapy.

In addition to offering agencies training in I-FAST, Mr. Grove has also offered clinical consultation to numerous mental health and social service agencies throughout Midwestern U.S. since 1992. Mr. Grove has also maintained a private practice in Westerville, Ohio since 1989, where he offers therapy to individuals, couples, families, children, adolescents and adults.

After receiving his Masters degree in Social Work from The Ohio State University in 1983, Mr. Grove pursued post graduate training at The Family Therapy Institute of Washington, D.C., under the instruction of Jay Haley and Cloe’ Madanes both leaders in the field of family therapy.  Mr. Grove received five years of training at The Family Therapy Institute which included training as both a therapist and supervisor of therapists.

After completing his training at the Family Therapy Institute of Washington, D.C., Mr. Grove continued to consult with Jay Haley and collaborate with him on writing projects for an additional five years.  One of these projects focused on men in therapy and culminated with the publication of Mr. Grove’s second book, “Invisible Men”.  In 1992, Mr. Grove was made a Regional Faculty of the Family Therapy Institute of Washington, D.C.   As a regional faculty, Mr. Grove offered training in Strategic Family Therapy throughout the U.S.

Training Objectives:

 1.  Provide an overview of Integrative Family and Systems Treatment (I-FAST) and how it applies to Children & Adolescents struggling with emotional and behavioral issues.

2. Outline the different Levels of Focus of I-FAST

 3. Review specific I-FAST Interventions and considerations for their use

Training Schedule:

 9:00am -- 9:30am      Registration/Check-in

9:30am -- 10:30am     I-FAST Introduction and Overview

10:30am -- 11:30am   I-FAST Levels of Focus and Interventions

11:30am                       Final Questions and Evaluations

 2.0 CEUs for Counselors & Social Workers are available.

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