Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Of particular concern in the field of drug addiction is the trend of prescription drug misuse and abuse. The Mental Health and Recovery Board, in partnership with the Ashland County Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (ACCADA), has developed some materials on the topic.

An overview of the issue can be found in this fact sheet.

April 28, 2018 - National DRUG TAKE BACK DAY

Drug Drop Boxes.  A major key to diversion of prescription drugs is proper disposal. The Mental Health and Recovery Board purchased two prescription drug drop boxes through NADDI (National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators) and they are now located at the Ashland County Sheriff's Department and Loudonville Police Department. Addresses and more information is available on this flyer.

*NEW*  Video thanking first responders for all their efforts to save lives in our county.  They are making a difference, THANK YOU!

Watch "Heroin in the Heartland" a 60 Minutes episode airing on 9/17/17 that focuses on the faces of heroin including the young, middle-to-upper class and suburban.  What was once thought of as an "inner-city problem" is now a national epidemic.

*NEW* Download and/or view a new one-page brochure on Heroin and other opioids.  This brochure provides valuable information on what to do if someone overdoses and where to get help.

New Policy Brief by the Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice reviewing the evidence linking trauma and adverse childhood experiences to opioid addiction.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Foundation produced an informative info-graphic exploring strategies to protect individuals from the widespread opiate epidemic.  The information focuses on businesses and protecting the workforce from the misuse and abuse of opioids which is linked to worker injury, illness and overdose 

The Surgeon General's Report - Facing Addiction in America

The Origins of Addiction: Evidence from the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study - Vincent J. Felitti, MD

 Resource Handout from the October 28, 2016 Opiate Summit 

NARCAN Nasal spray is an opioid antagonist indicated for the emergency treatment of known or suspected opioid overdose, as manifested by respiratory and/or central nervous system depression.  NARCAN Nasal Spray is intended for immediate administration as emergency therapy in settings where opioids may be present.  NARCAN Nasal Spray is not a substitute for emergency medical care.  Watch an instructional video on how to use NARCAN Nasal Spray HERE

We've heard from some local businesses that opioids are a concern.  The following report, "The Opioid Crisis In American's Workforce" provides some valuable information about the scope/extent of the problem and key recommendations for employers.

The Bipartisan Task Force to Combat the Heroin Epidemic has developed a toolkit in conjunction with the Addiction Policy Forum to connect families impacted by addiction with evidenced based resources around prevention, treatment and recovery.  The toolkit includes resources around prevention, drug treatment, recovery support and general information for families, community organizations, schools, and parents concerned about addiction and looking for support.  To see the toolkit, click HERE

The following materials were distributed at local pharmacies and other community locations, they offer quick ways to help prevent prescription drug abuse and protect your family.

Protect Your Family: Get The Most Out of Your Medicines

5 Quick Ways to Help

 Behavioral Health Barometer: Ohio (Second Edition) a publication of The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) was recently released.  The report provides a snapshot of behavioral health in the United States including Ohio specific data.

 Pharmacists and their patients can help prevent prescription drug misuse, abuse, and diversion through a new educational tool launched by the Alliance for Balanced Pain Management (AfBPM).

 This online tool offers tips on monitoring, safeguarding, and properly disposing of prescription drugs—especially pain medications, which have the highest risk for misuse and abuse. To use the tool click:  Are You the Only One Taking Your Medicine?

 Accurate information about the the Heroin/Opiate Epidemic is critical to our prevention and treatment efforts in Ashland County.  The July 2015 Vitalsigns report, published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, provides valuable material to consider.

Dennis Dyer, Director of ACCADA, published a series of articles in the Ashland Times-Gazette addressing various aspects of the Opioid problem in Ashland County.  Please take some time to read these informative pieces.

Article 1 - Opiate Problem is Growing in Ashland County

Article 2 - Prescription Pills Can Fuel Addiction

Article 3 - Recovery Individuals Tell Their Stories

Article 4 - Sobriety Must Come First For Recovering Addicts

Article 5 - A Mother's Voice on Opiate Addiction

Article 6 - Shining a Light on the Opiate Epidemic 

Article 7 - Naloxone Should Be Kept on Hand

Article 8 - Scope of the Problem

 June 14, 2017 - State of opioid epidemic in Ashland Co.

February 16, 2018 - Help for parents talking to kids about drugs

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