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When Families Grieve - Care Cards

Helpful Websites for Grief and Loss

Helping Children Cope with Loss, Death and Grief - Tips for Teachers and Parents

Mood Meter - Check your engine

When Families Grieve - Memory Chain

School Safety and Crisis/Addressing Grief: Tips for Teachers and Administrators

Helping Teens with Traumatic Grief: Tips for Caregivers

Child Grief and Loss Reading List 

Feeling Chart

Feelings Journal

Books and DVDs focused on helping children work with parents and other adults to improve behavioral and learning skills have been located at the local libraries. You can find out more here.

Helpful Downloadable Brochures:

Just Say "No" to Drugs as a First Treatment for Child Problems

Choose Your Partner Carefully, Your Child's Life Depends on it

A Caregiver's Guide to Child Trauma

Core Concepts for Building Resilient Children


NEW 2017 Ashland County Resource Page

Many resources for families and children are available through the local Family and Children First Council.  The new website is under development.  Please contact Amy Frese, FCFC Coordinator, at 419.282.0000 ext. 5015 or by email at afrese@ashlandcounty.org 


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