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For Self-Care

The body and mind work together, but when it comes to improving your physical health, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. These resources will help you get on track to greater mental and emotional resilience.


Many resources for improving your physical health are available through the local Family and Children First Council. Visit the Ashland County Resource Page or contact Amy Frese, FCFC Coordinator, at 419.282.0000 ext. 5015 or by email at for more information.

Ashland County Resource Page       Find an Ashland County Community Agency

get help with sleep, exercise and diet in ashland ohio mental health and recovery board

Media Resources

Local libraries provide a number of books and DVDs focused on helping individuals with improving their sleep, diet, and exercise habits. There are also many local organizations committed to improving the physical health and wellness of our community.

Find an Ashland County Resource

Tips for a Greater Night's Sleep:

  Practical suggestions and strategies for improving sleep

  Improving Sleep Productivity

  From the National Institutes of Health: In Brief: Your Guide to Healthy Sleep

Exercise and Mental Health:

  The mental health benefits of exercise

  Senior Exercise and Fitness Tips

  How to Exercise If You Have Limited Mobility

  Recommendations for Physical Activity: A Supportive Intervention Guide

Diet and Mental Health:

Misdiagnosed Mood Disorders: Depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety might not be mood problems after all. Find out which foods could negatively affect your mood.

Informational video about supplements

  Six Tips for Talking to your Doctor about Medication

  Principles of a Recovery Model Including Medications by Dr. Patricia Deegan

  Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Medications

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