Oral Health Care is Mental Health Care

Oral health is an important factor in overall wellness for everyone, but has specific value to those in psychiatric treatment. Individuals taking psychiatric medications are particularly susceptible to dry mouth and its impacts. In addition, those with high levels of anxiety or impulsivity may have difficulty accessing and following through with oral healthcare.

The educational videos (below) developed by the Mental Health and Recovery Board and produced by Jeffrey Ohler – made possible through generous grant funding from the Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation - can help to break down barriers and minimize some consequences of poor and limited oral healthcare for consumers in the mental health system.

OralHealthCare from Ashland MHRB on Vimeo.

Oral Health Care is a general overview of oral healthcare. It features a psychiatrist who gives an overview of dental hygiene basics as well as the connection between overall health, dental health, and mental well-being.

DryMouthHDweb from Ashland MHRB on Vimeo.

Understanding Dry Mouth
features a dentist, who explains further the connection between psychotropic medications and dry mouth. This segment also explains why dry mouth can become such a serious concern, complicating mental well-being and overall health.


DentalVisitHDweb from Ashland MHRB on Vimeo.

What to Expect at a Dental Visit can be used to help those who may have anxiety about dental visits or who haven’t ever been to the dentist, understand what to expect. It is a visual walk-through with actors, of what a typical dental visit might be like.

These videos are available on a flash drive or DVD from the Mental Health and Recovery Board. Contact us to receive a complementary copy.

It is our hope that these videos can be used to help educate consumers of mental health services about the importance of oral hygiene and the impact of dry mouth. In addition, we hope to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety around going to the dentist. We believe they can be useful tools in group or individual therapy sessions, or even as a video played in the waiting room of an agency or doctor’s office.  

Please feel free to use these resources however they can best serve you.

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