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Offering Rays of Hope

 The staff and board members of the Mental Health and Recovery Board of Ashland County are here for you, so please do not hesitate to contact us or use the resources we have available. The information on this page explores programs, resources, and educational materials that contribute to the board's work in Ashland County.

A local Recovery-Oriented system

Over the last several years, the Mental Health & Recovery Board, along with our contract agencies and community partners have prioritized ‘Recovery-Oriented’ mental health and drug/alcohol services. Click here to find out more about recovery-oriented services and what we believe Recovery is and can be for our community. Recently, the Board has continued to define our framework. Tennants of this framework are included in the document Three Legs of the Stool - A Framework which can be downloaded here.

Meet the Board
The Board ensures local management and control over planning and administering alcohol, drug addiction and mental health prevention, treatment and support services to meet the unique needs of Ashland County residents.

Provider Network
The Board works with partners in the community to determine what services and programs are needed.  This includes consumers and family members, provider agencies, churches, local officials, courts, law enforcement, job & family services, schools and many others!

Local Resources
Click the link above for a printable directory with a list of service providers and local community resources.

About the Board

The Mental Health and Recovery Board has eighteen volunteer members with varying backgrounds who live in the city, villages and townships within the county.  Among the members there must be one mental health professional, one physician, one mental health consumer and one family member of a consumer.  There also must be an alcohol and drug professional, as well as an advocate for recovery services and a family member.

The Board has a strong history of meeting the needs of those individuals with the most severe mental disabilities and/or alcohol and drug related problems, and doing so with limited funds.  It also has a proud record of serving children with serious emotional disturbances and their families, not only through providers funded by the Mental Health and Recovery Board, but also in collaboration with other organizations within Ashland County. 

The Mental Health and Recovery Board of Ashland County is committed to respectful, compassionate, professional services and making quality, affordable services available to those in need.

For additional information about the Mental Health and Recovery Board of Ashland County please download our brochure.

Message from the Chair

There is no question that the public mental health system is undergoing major reforms which are creating significant challenges and at the same time opening up exciting possibilities for mental health care. Major changes inMedicaid funding have caused mental health boards across the state to re-evaluate their role in the community. Although our resources have diminished, community mental health and recovery boards have increased flexibility in terms of how our resources can be utilized and managed. With more flexibility, funds can be directed to increased community education and awareness as well as the provision of specialized services and advancing recovery oriented care. The board will be engaging in a strategic planning process this fiscal year. While the board’s mission remains clear and resolute the journey to making it a reality requires careful navigation, and at times there are forks in the road. Guidance from the community is a vital part of this navigation process and the board would like to invite all community members to provide feedback to us. More information about changes to funding and services will be provided at the board’s annual dinner on September 24th.  This year the board will be hosting a keynote speaker following the dinner. Courtenay Harding’s presentation, Personal Assets for Recovery: Hiding in Plain Sight, will be open to the community free of charge. Please plan to join us for this powerful and moving presentation. We are always interested in receiving input from you, the community, to assist us in our planning process.  Please contact us or attend our public meetings if you would like to contribute your thoughts and ideas about how we can best promote mental health in Ashland County. Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement as we move through this exciting transition.

Tom Gaus, Board Chair

Tom has served twelve years on the Mental Health & Recovery Board and is a recently retired principal from Hillsdale Local Schools.