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MHRB Initiatives

The Mental Health and Recovery Board of Ashland County strives to be responsive to the ever-evolving needs within the Ashland County community. Find support, services, and resources below for our initiatives of focus.

Mental Health

Ashland County has a strong network of mental health professionals, area support groups, self-care resources, and more to help you find therapy, counseling, or treatment for a potential mental health condition.

Suicide & Prevention

Find information about and resources for suicide prevention, grief support, and what the MHRB of Ashland County is doing to address mental health and suicide prevention throughout our community.

Families, Youth, & Children

Connect with the programs, resources, and partners throughout Ashland County who are working to meet the needs of our youth and families. Together, we can build a stronger and more resilient community.

Alcohol & Drug Use

Support groups, educational resources, and community programming offered throughout Ashland are available to keep you informed and help you prevent and address the challenges of substance abuse.

Older Adult Behavioral Health

This Coalition strives to unify, educate, and collaborate with professionals who work with older adults and their caregivers in all areas of health for improved access, training, and community awareness.

Veteran Support

Learn about the support, community connections, and resources available to military families and veterans who may be navigating mental health and wellness issues that are unique to these honored members of our community. 

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