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A strong community is built on healthy families. MHRB is committed to connecting Ashland’s families to the best resources available.

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Many resources for families and children are available through the local Family and Children First Council. Visit the Ashland County Resource Page or contact Amy Frese, FCFC Coordinator, at 419.282.0000 ext. 5015 or by email at for more information.

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Ashland Brainy Resilience Project Toolkit

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Resiliency is the ability to recover from or adjust to difficult life  experiences and change. 

It’s using inner resources to cope with stress in a healthy way to “bounce back” to go on with life.

These tools were designed to help rebuild resiliency in children and youth who have had difficult life experiences. They are also appropriate for use at the prevention level to promote self-regulation and social/emotional skills as well as healthy self-imaging.

The Brainy Resilience Tools help children and youth learn about:

                                                      -  Handling emotions with healthy responses        -  Making wise choices              - Focused attention

                     -  Kindness and empathy toward others        -  Feeling self-confident and capable        


Tool Development

They were developed using information from diverse fields of knowledge such as neuroscience and understanding of the trauma exposed brain, child development and learning, as well as occupational therapy and mental and physical health.  IMPORTANT:  These tools are NOT a substitute for professional mental health services to heal from trauma.  Ask the counselor how they can be used to supplement professional intervention.

Tools For All Ages

Click on each underlined item to download


Strength Keeper

Positive self-image, Self-confidence, Self-efficacy

Strength Keeper Assembly Instructions

I Care for My Body Mats

Healthy body care choice for nutrition, exercise, sleep.  Reverse side: Preschool is "Messy Art Mat", Youth is "My Plan for a Health Body" Adult Caregiver is "Awesome Resilience Talking tips"         

 Ashland Brainy Resilience Game

A board game where players draw a card and respond to social situations. Game cards are in these categories: I control my feelings; I see what I need to do; I tell my feelings; I make the right choice; and People to people connections.   

Teaches empathy, social decision-making, and self-direction.

Downloadable instructions, game board and game cards:

Game instructions

Brainy Resilience Game Board

Game cards (Preschool-Grade 3)

Game cards (Grades 4-8)

Tools For Adults/Caregivers

Caregiver Guide:  How resiliency works.  Simple brain functioning.  Building resilient brain connections.  Self-care tips for adults.

Beach Ball Focus Fun: Handling emotions; focused attention; self-concept; rhythmic motor activity to calm.    


Wipe out Feelings Self-Regulation Tool (Instruction Brochure):  These help adults use a step-by-step approach to teach children what to do when feeling rise and how to resolve conflicts with others. 

Wipe Out Feelings Form

Feelings Check Wheel

Resilient Conversation Cards:  Keychain-sized tips for talking with children in meaningful ways and about difficult topics. 


Tools for Calming and Handling Emotions


Wipe Away The Feelings - Easy way to illustrate feelings and work through them. Assembly Instructions for Wipe Away The Feelings.

Calming Tip Keychain - Diverse ways to get to calm.

Assembly Instructions 

Youth Calming Cards

Preschool to Elementary:  Calming tips to help children get control of their feelings on their own.  Brochure gives tips for adult caregivers.


              PS-Elem Calming Toolkit

               Brochure My Calming Toolkit

               Feelings Check Wheel Younger

               Calming Cube Assembly

               Calming Cube Game


Any or all of the tools can be combined into kits to provide for caregivers and children and youth.  Add fidgets, squeeze balls, drawing and art materials, open-ended journal books and children’s literature books on emotions and handling difficult topics.



Reading for Resiliency


Through generous grant funding from the Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation, the Mental Health and Recovery Board recently placed almost 400 books and other resources at local libraries.
The project, titled “Reading for Resiliency” is focused on helping parents and children work together to build skills that will help them work through emotional and behavioral difficulties. Materials purchased through the grant are for various populations including children and adolescents grades K-12, parents, teachers, and other professionals.

All materials purchased are focused on introducing non-medication based approaches to handling behavioral and emotional challenges as well as offering hands on activities for parents and children to complete together.
Collections of Reading for Resiliency materials have been placed at the Ashland Public Library, Loudonville Public Library, and School/Community Liaison Library.

Some titles in the Reading for Resiliency libraries include:

  • Don't Pop Your Cork on Monday
  • The Anxiety Workbook for Teens
  • Beyond the Blues: A Workbook to Help Teems Overcome Depression
  • What to Do When Your Temper Flares
  • I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Mad: A Workbook
  • Parenting Children with ADHD: 10 Lessons That Medicine Cannot Teach
  • Treating Trauma and Traumatic Grief in Children and Adolescents            
  • No Child Left Different (Childhood in America)

For more information about this collection and a complete list of books and DVDs available at these locations, contact the Mental Health and Recovery Board at


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