Community Health Assessment – 2022 OhioMHAS Community Assessment & Plan Survey

For the first time in 2022, the Board utilized questions from the OhioMHAS Community Assessment & Plan to hear directly from the Ashland community. 70 persons completed the survey and their responses were incorporated into the Board’s CAP submission to OhioMHAS.

Community Health Assessment (CHA) – Ashland County – 2022

The Ashland County Health Department is pleased to present this publication of the results of the 2022 health needs assessment of the residents of Ashland County. Many thanks go out to the Ashland County Health Needs Assessment committee who met regularly over the course of the past six months. A Community Health Assessment (CHA) is conducted to improve and promote a healthier Ashland County community. The goal of this process is to identify the factors that affect the health of our citizens and to determine the availability of community resources to adequately address the factors. The CHA is a collaborative effort that included county leaders, the Health Department, University Hospitals, local schools, Ashland University, and Ashland County residents. The process began by addressing key questions such as, “What health concerns do we have in our community?”, “What are the strengths of our community?” and “What resources do we have and what are needed to address the health concerns?” The CHA is a snapshot of where county residents stand in terms of health and health behaviors. This report is crucial in directing the planning for not only the health department but also for those community partners who have been an integral part of this process. Together, we will use this information to guide our cooperative planning to improve the health conditions of our Ashland County residents.

Comprehensive Community Resources

Many resources for improving your physical health are available through the local Family and Children First Council. Visit the Ashland County Resource Page or contact Brenda Bub FCFC Coordinator, at 419.282.0000 ext. 5015 or by email at for more information.

Council On Aging

Older Adult Local Resources

Crisis Awareness Training with Steve Click

Crisis Awareness Training, provided by Steven Click with the Ohio Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services / Trauma Informed Care, First Responder Liaison, provides participants possible examples of physical and emotional signs that a co-worker, family member, friend or the employee themselves may be in crisis after a traumatic event.

Defense Suicide Prevention Office (DSPO)

The DSPO works to facilitate suicide prevention efforts and serves as the Department of Defense oversight authority for the development, communication, and implementation of Department of Defense suicide and risk-reduction programs. The DSPO was established in November 2011 and works across all branches of the military to encourage help-seeking behaviors for behavioral health issues from entry on duty to retirement or separation from the service. Visitors to the DSPO website can access suicide facts and data, resources, news, and the military crisis line. Also featured on the site are service member, provider, and family stories as well as public service announcements.

Developemental Relationships Workbook

Search Institute has identified five key elements of a relationship for young people

Drug Disposal – Ashland County Sheriff

The safest way to dispose of medications is through the prescription drop boxes. These boxes are available Monday-Friday 8am-4pm in Ashland and Loudonville.

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